Some attributes that may come to mind when you think of Eric Chase are: a ball of energy, very passionate, and zeal for life. He is a radio head of 20 years, huge dog lover, and gigantic Batman and Transformers fan. He is larger than life, and has spent his time avoiding a suit and tie so that he can do what he loves. The mantra, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” really fits Eric and his life journey.

Although he is a Pennsylvania native, after bouncing around for a little while, Eric decided to make Toledo, OH, his home.  Opportunities seemingly fall into his lap here and the people are always so warm and open towards him.

He most recently hosted a morning talk radio show called, The Morning Rush on Kiss FM, a top 40 station with no music during his segment; a real gutsy thing, but it worked. Many people listened in and called each morning, and the show became a therapy of sorts for the fans. Eric hopes to take the same light hearted listening ear he gained as a radio host and transfer that into using animal therapy to help people living with mental illness. He is already in process of talking with a local healthcare provider to create such a program.

In 2005 Eric was diagnosed with Bipolar 2, depression, and anxiety; after learning more about his condition, he began to realize how much his dogs helped him cope with symptoms. He knows firsthand about the power of connecting with animals, and is also a huge animal rights advocate.

So what keeps Eric going?

“I want to wake up a little smarter and a little better from the day before. Radio has allowed me to help people on a wide scale, and now I want to do that on a more personal level,” says Eric. He views his ability to understand himself and be completely self-actualized as a gift and he wants to share that gift with everyone he comes across. When you are able to really see yourself, the world begins to open up.

Eric is a speaker at TEDxToledo 2017 | OVERCURRENT. Tickets are available now here.