Who are you?

I immigrated to the U.S. with my family as young child. I was raised in a large Lebanese-American family, and brought up in the Muslim tradition. Although my family is close and supportive, I had to come to terms at a young age with my sexual orientation. Being a gay, Muslim, Arab-American in a tight-knit Mid-western community was not an easy road to navigate. But it was this unique perspective that made me so passionate about civil rights for all. Today, I am a Clinical Professor of Law and devote much of my energy advocating for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens of the world.

Ok, here are a few random questions. Have fun:

1. What book has influenced you the most?

The End of Faith, by Sam Harris

2. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask and why?

Why do people think cigarette butts aren’t litter?

3. Are humans getting better through the generations? Please explain.

I believe human nature is fundamentally the same as it’s always been. However, the more access we have to different cultures and societies – especially now through social media and the internet – the better we become in terms identifying and respecting our shared values.

4. If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what would it be?

The day we finally make contact with intelligent alien beings.

5. If you drop soap on the floor, is the floor clean or is the soap dirty? Please explain.

As a certifiable germaphobe, I think about this a lot. Unfortunately, I become very suspicious of the soap.

6. What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?

Line dancing.

7. What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

Nearly 55% of Icelanders believe in the existence of invisible elves.

8. If humans still exist in 10,000 years time, what will civilization look like?

We’ll be very solitary people and we won’t have eyebrows.

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